Middle Township Zoned for Economic Development

One of the many benefits of doing business in Middle Township includes an approved Master Plan. In 2010, the Planning Board adopted a new Master Plan, which is a policy guide for development over the next ten (10) years. In 2011, the zoning ordinance was revised to reflect the recommendations in the Plan.

Middle Township’s Master Plan is “centers-based”, which directs development and redevelopment into the areas with existing infrastructure, and maintains the undeveloped areas as farmland, recreation, preserved lands, and single family residential.

The newly adopted six (6) commercial districts allow for a mix of residential and commercial uses to increase opportunities to live, work, shop, and dine within a pedestrian and bike friendly community. In addition, all seven (7) of the residential districts allow home occupations, and several of them allow specific businesses such as golf courses and horse farms. Further, two of the residential districts allow certain businesses as an “accessory” to the residential.

The COMMERCIAL ZONES include: B Business, HV Hildreth Village, TB Town Business, TC Town Center, TP Town Professional, VC Village Commercial. For more information, please visit the zoning department page at www.middletownship.com

Economic Development is a big part of the Master Plan, which includes the following goals:

  • Support existing businesses and new initiatives to expand economic opportunities.
  • Promote a balanced diverse and strong economic tax base.
  • Promote the diversification and expansion of the local economy through appropriate development and redevelopment techniques.
  • Provide for a diverse and balanced community with a mix of commercial and residential land uses which are guided into compact Centers.
  • Promote design controls to support high quality commercial development.
  • Update sign standards that promote safety while discouraging sign proliferation.
  • Work with the business community to support and sustain a year-round economy through appropriate marketing efforts.
  • Support existing coastal development and the water-based recreation industry as a component of the Township’s economy.
  • Explore alternative land use options outside of the Township’s Centers to protect land use values.